Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Bureau 2050: Environment in Crisis

Chair: Matt Sahd,

Background Guide

Topic A: Rising Seas

Topic B: Environment and Business: The UN Global Compact

My name is Matt Sahd, and I am a sophomore at Notre Dame studying Political Science, Business Economics, and Energy Studies. I have been involved with NDMUN since my freshman year, and am very excited to be chairing a committee which relates to the environment and climate change, both very relevant and pressing issues for our generation.  Outside of the classroom, you'll find me paddleboarding on St. Joes Lake, binge-watching documentaries, or hoarding red pepper hummus in the dining halls. I am very excited to be a part of NDMUN III and cannot wait to meet delegates interested in the subjects of both international and environmental diplomacy!

The committee IPCC Bureau 2050: Environment in Crisis will focus on the implications of a world whose leaders have failed to implement any significant carbon emission reductions to lessen anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change.  The Panel will delve into two specific issues that will accompany this aggravated increase in global warming- sea level increases and the development of sustainable business. As global ocean levels will have risen over half a meter beyond mean levels from 1971-2003, member countries must be focused on preventative measures to protect the lives of citizens and the global economy.  Sustainable business, with the help of certain UN organizations, could potentially be used as a preventative measure from increased anthropogenic climate change, through incentivizing major corporations to adhere to climate agreements that governments have failed to enact. I am very much looking forward to passionate debate and diplomacy regarding these two issues!

Security Council: Ad Hoc

Chair: Mario Kafati,

Letter from the Chair

Topic A: To Be Announced at Start of Conference

Topic B: To Be Announced at Start of Conference

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to NDMUN III; my name is Mario Kafati and I will serve as your committee chair for the duration of the conference. I am a Junior at Notre Dame in the Mendoza School of Business studying Finance with a minor in Constitutional Studies. I have been debating for the past 7 years during which I’ve attended and won top awards at conferences in Honduras, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Boston. As a delegate, I made crisis my niche specialty and this will be my seventh time chairing a crisis committee

This will be an Ad-Hoc committee which essentially means that delegates won’t know the topics to be debated until the day of the conference. Regardless, delegates are advised to stay up to date with current events in order to be prepared for whatever the Dias throws your way. The title of “Security Council: Ad Hoc” is a rather ambiguous one and rightly so. I chose this subject for several reasons: This type of crisis committee encompasses all elements of MUN that will make a delegate a stronger “MUNer”, as it forces delegates to think on their feet, create flexible policies on the spot, and most importantly learn how to factor socio-economic and political implications into their decision making process.