GA1: Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

Chair: Alexander Lewis, 

Background Guide

Topic A: Free and Fair Elections

Topic B: Proliferation and Trade of Small Arms and Light Weapons

Hello! My name is Alex Lewis and I will be the Chair of the Disarmament and International Security General Assembly this year at NDMUN III. I am a freshman in the College of Science from Arlington, Virginia, currently majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior and Spanish. Outside of Model UN I am a member of the Neuroscience Club here at Notre Dame and play on the Club Water Polo Team. I have been doing Model UN since my freshman year of high school and have loved every moment of it when competing and running things behind the scenes. I cannot wait to see all of you at NDMUN III!

This year's simulation of the Disarmament and International Security Committee of the United Nations General Assembly at NDMUN III will be focused on the topics of Free and Fair Elections and Proliferation and Trade of Small Arms and Light Weapons. The first topic will allow delegates to delve into the world of national security with regard to conducting elections, with a special emphasis being placed on methods to counter technological attacks on free elections. The second topic will serve as a more traditional topic for the First Committee, with delegates discussing and formulating regulations related to the international trade of small weaponry.

GA2: Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN)

Chair: Jack McCabe,

Background Guide

Topic A: Sustainable Development in South America

Topic B: Cryptocurrency

Welcome to ECOFIN at NDMUN III, it is my distinct pleasure to serve as your chair for what I am sure will be an exciting and thoroughly stimulating weekend. A little about myself – I am a Junior from Minneapolis, Minnesota studying economics and political science. In my free time I can be found playing a variety of intramural sports, reading the Wall Street Journal or agonizing over the shortcomings of Minnesota sports teams. I have been involved with Model UN since I was a sophomore in high school, and I am very excited to see how you will tackle some of the world’s foremost economic issues.

The topics that we will be deliberating on in this committee are: sustainable development in South America and cryptocurrency in a global context. Both issues have come to the forefront of global consciousness in recent months and pose significant challenges that must be addressed. Sustainable development is an integral part of ensuring that our society can meet the needs of the present without compromising the promise of the future. Cryptocurrencies have recently exploded in popularity, however with their rise has come ample criticism, as well as questions about their power to shape international market activity. I am excited for this weekend of deliberation and debate, and to see thoughtful, creative and comprehensive economic solutions to these issues.

GA3: Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)

Chair: Elizabeth Boyle,

Background Guide

Topic A: Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) in the Sahel

Topic B: Expanding the Rights of LGBTQI+ People Around the World

My name is Elizabeth Boyle and I am a junior Political Science & Peace Studies major, International Development Studies minor from Manhasset, New York.  In addition to being the co-President of MUN I am also the Director of Gender Relations in Student Government, a member of the Folk Choir, a research assistant in the Keough School of Global Affairs, and a volunteer at the Family Justice Center.  Outside of school I work as a Policy and Advocacy Organizer for Know Your IX and I am a virtual intern for USAID. This past year I spent my spring semester living and working in Washington D.C. from January through August, first working at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and then USAID.  I have had experience chairing and competing in MUN throughout both college and high school and I am excited to get to know you all!

I will be chairing the GA Committee SOCHUM (Social, Cultural and Humanitarian).  The first topic will be “Preventing violent extremism (PVE) in the Sahel” and the second topic will be “Expanding the rights of LGBTQI+ people around the world”. Both topics will be very contentious and will vary significantly depending on what countries the students represent.  For example, in the second topic, students representing the U.S. should have a wildly different approach to protecting the rights of LGBTQI+ people than students representing Russia or traditional societies. The answer to both of these questions are not easy to come by. For the topic of PVE, I am hoping that studies will address this from a multi-pronged approach, coming up with ways to engage faith groups, political groups, and independent citizens to address the issue.

GA4: World Health Organization

Chair: Emily Hansen,

Background Guide

Topic A: Medical Black Market

Topic B: Air Pollutants' Effects on Health

Hi! My name is Emily Hansen and I am from Cleveland, OH. I am currently a sophomore at Notre Dame majoring in Biology and Political Science with a minor in Business Economics. I love working out, eating food, listening to music, and representing Cleveland! Looking forward to getting to know everyone and hearing some great debate.

The World Health Organization committee plays a key role in the promotion and coordination of international health work. This committee will be focused on two topics which are critical to maintaining a healthy international community: the medical black market and air pollutants' effects on health. Debate focused on regulation changes will be vital for creating a solution that can help improve the world’s health.